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Madness Accelerant Glitch/Exploit

2010-04-25 13:10:22 by seanofah4

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Newgrounds Freezing up

2010-04-24 21:59:47 by seanofah4

Clearly not a problem with any of the internet browsers, it has been broken for a few hours now, whats going on?

Newgrounds + adblock = this

2009-12-19 23:43:40 by seanofah4 47/seanofah4/WUT3.jpg 47/seanofah4/WUT2.jpg 47/seanofah4/WUT1.jpg

I have obtained the level.....

2009-10-26 17:22:32 by seanofah4


if you know how to do this, boot your computer in safe mode, and all of the banners on newgrounds start yelling at you!


2009-10-25 02:42:21 by seanofah4
Updated dLeQ

Do ambulances have speed limits?

2009-10-24 16:34:25 by seanofah4

or is it just go as fast as you can, without flipping it?

Welcome to my page!

2009-10-18 12:20:08 by seanofah4

ill be back to making music again in a few days

Welcome to my page!

I was walking in the gym at my school and some kid tried to punch me from behind, he MISSED my head. I tripped him accidentally and he fell down, and got a nose bleed... was that a series of fortunate events?